GENOINSEQ - Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory

Genoinseq, the Next Gen Sequencing Unit, is CNC's unit specialized in the field of omics. The Unit grants access to the full potential of the state-of-the-art of next generation sequencing equipment and bioinformatics data analysis.
Genoinseq provides services to companies and research groups in the field of Life Sciences, collaborates in R&D projects with other companies or institutes and has its R&D program aimed towards innovation in scientific and technical aspects of sequencing and data analysis.

Our mission is to provide differentiated services in genomics and functional genomics, through next generation sequencing equipment and bioinformatics large scale data analysis to create value-added results for our clients.
The culture of Genoinseq follows the following values:

• Focus on the client – We establish a personalized relationship to guarantee total satisfaction;
• Quality – We guarantee the quality of processes and results through the critical revision of the several stages in the process;
• Continuous improvement – we focus on constantly improving our procedures and services;
• Innovation and R&D – We follow a growth strategy based on scientific knowledge and technological state-of-the-art;
• People – We believe in the work of our team, in continuous training, in professionalism, honesty and transparency as a differentiating factor to the services we provide.

Genoinseq is ISO 9001:2015 certified for next-generation sequencing of nucleic acids and bioinformatics tools for DNA and RNA analysis.

Genoinseq is a member of GenomePT (RNIE).


Genoinseq provides high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics data analysis services since 2007. Our accumulated experience and specialized multidisciplinary team favor our focus on delivering personalized solutions and reliable support. We assist our clients in the experimental design of their projects, sequence with the most efficient and adequate approach for optimal results and help transform sequencing data into biological or clinical answers through a comprehensive set of bioinformatics tools.

De novo genome sequencing
Genome resequencing
Exome sequencing
Gene panels
Gene expression panels
Small RNA-Sequencing
Microbial Community Profiling
Metagenome Sequencing
Microsatellite discovery
Customized genomics solution
Bioinformatics analysis

MiSeq® Illumina
NextSeq® Illumina
Ion Proton ThermoFischer
Auxiliary equipment
High-Performance cluster (HPC)

Platform Fees

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