Theatre & Science

CNC has been exploring artistic language as a way to communicate and stablish connections with society, sparking emotions and raising awareness for Science through a long-standing partnership with the Marionet theater company.

Several theatre plays were staged in close collaboration with CNC researchers, either as actors, authors or source of inspiration. The interaction between art and science has taken place in the following ways:

- Artistic projects with the participation of CNC researchers (eg: Laboratory of the Unknown)

- Scientific research projects with the participation of Marionet (eg: SleepApneaID)

- Joint science communication projects (eg:The Dream Machine)

- Synergies in the training of doctoral students in experimental biology and biomedicine (CNC) and undergraduate students in artistic studies (FLUC)

Some examples of art & science projects involving CNC:

  • Project “% = X [divide equals multiply]” within the scope of the Residency Network Program "Arte, Ciência e Tecnologia" (2009-2010)
  • “MIM – My Inner Mind” (2010)
  • Flies Are Flying Mice (2010)
  • What Now Frankenstein? (2013)
  • Fakelook (2014)
  • Luz de Perdição (2015)
  • Atos de Laboratório (2015)
  • O ponto que nos une (2016)
  • Holy CIBB (2019)


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