5th Retreat Neuroscience & Disease

Date & Time

June 02, 10:00-18:30h


Casa das Artes, Miranda do Corvo




5th CIBB Retreat
Neuroscience & Disease

June 2, 2023. Casa das Artes, Miranda do Corvo

More than 150 scientists from the field of Neuroscience and Disease (N&D) of CIBB (CNC-UC & iCBR) will come together for their 5th Annual Retreat on June 2nd, 2023, at Casa das Artes, Miranda do Corvo. The meeting will be a dynamic and informal opportunity for scientific exchange and networking among CIBB researchers.

The retreat starts with a conference by the renowned neuroscientist Professor Bart de Strooper, from UK Dementia Research Institute, University College London (UK) and VIB, Leuven (Belgium). Prof. Bart de Strooper has made pioneer contributions to the elucidation of genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease, and received the highly prestigious Brain Prize, in addition to many other awards. The program features scientific presentations by Ester Coutinho (CNC-UC & Neurology consultant at King's College Hospital, UK) and Matthias Futschik (CNC-UC), covering topics from autoimmune neurology to systems biology of neurological diseases, and by Rita Félix (Science Illustrator) and Rui Rodrigues (Neurocentre Magendie – INSERM, Bordeaux), exploring science illustration and the perils and pleasures of being a PhD student. CIBB researchers will also have the opportunity to present posters and videos about their work and the daily life in the laboratory. The day will end with a presentation about Giz wines by Luís Gomes, who will talk about his career from Biochemistry to Oenology, followed by tasting of Giz wines.

The full programme is available here

The organizing committee,

Carlos B. Duarte, Filipa Baptista, Joana Ferreira, Samira Ferreira

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