Green Labs

"Green Lab - refers to any group, activity or initiative focused on helping laboratories reduce their ecological footprint while maintaining high quality and safety standards”, as defined by the Sustainable European Laboratories Network (SELs).

On March 23, 2022, CiBB (via its integrated institutions) embraced this initiative, and the GreenLabs CIBB was created. Its mission is to foster the implementation of sustainable daily practices in the laboratories under the CiBB umbrella to reduce the carbon and energy footprint and mitigate the environmental impact of scientific research.
GreenLabs CiBB joined the GreenLabs Portugal Network of research laboratories, which on April 21, 2022, became a member of the SELs.

Environmentally sustainable scientific research is now a priority and a matter of human health, as well as a way to protect the Planet. CiBB institutions and members - students, researchers, technicians, administrative staff and governing bodies - are aware of this priority and share the concern about the ecological footprint associated with scientific research and laboratory management. They all adhered to the GreenLabs CIBB main goal of creating and implementing best practices aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling materials and waste generated daily, as well as circumventing the significant energy consumption of laboratory equipment through correct maintenance.

For that, a network composed of a greenCore Team and greenKeepers was established to provide support in implementing sustainable practices and to help find ecological solutions for existing infrastructures.

In addition to redefining the way science is conducted, it is important to improve our knowledge and change mentalities and social behavior in line with European guidelines for environmental sustainability.


You can follow our activity @greenlabsPT.


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