Technology Transfer

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CNC-UC fosters socio-economic development of our society by translating the scientific and technological knowledge developed in our laboratories into answers to major societal challenges in healthcare.


The biomedical and biotechnological nature of the research performed at CNC-UC brings an additional responsibility towards society. As such, our institute has been committed to transferring the novel technologies herein developed to local industries and organizations towards regional development.

Partnerships and Entrepreneurship

The solid partnership between CNC-UC and Centro Hospital e Universitário de Coimbra has been one of the major catalysts of the development of our translational research, fostered by collaborations with the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. CNC-UC was also one of the founders of the Biocant, the unique Portuguese biotechnological park, continuing to participate today in this Technology Transfer ecosystem through industrial collaborations and creation of innovative start-ups.


CNC-UC has been committed in transferring the technologies developed at our institute to local industries and organizations towards regional socio-economic development.

Strategic Localization

The privileged position of CNC-UC in the central region of Portugal, situated within the academic environment of University of Coimbra campus and the innovative Biocant Technological Park, is an important contributor to the dynamic Technology Transfer of our institute.

The Technology Transfer at CNC-UC is divided in the following categories


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Our Mission and Goals


To make the most positive impact using the excellence of our research, graduate training, and specialized services, while enabling further scientific and technological development.

The Technology Transfer Office at CNC-UC aims to valorise the technological assets of our institute by transferring them to industries and organizations through a transaction that is beneficial to all parties involved.


  • to assure the practical use of the scientific and technological advances by the general public and research community;
  • to create qualified jobs; 
  • to promote the recognition and reputation of CNC-UC;
  • to generate revenue for funding further research;
  • to stimulate the socio-economic development of Portugal, especially the CENTRO region.



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Industrial Partnerships

Academic Partnerships

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