Scientific Platforms

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The scientific platforms of CNC-UC aim to support the cutting-edge research performed at our institute providing state-of-art equipment and specialised staff. These scientific platforms are coordinated and maintained by highly skilled professionals, offering training and assistance through the usage of the equipment and counsel in experimental design.

Research Infrastructures

CNC-UC activities are supported by world-class infrastructures that were recognized by FCT as cutting edge highly relevant technological facilities, and thus integrated in the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest (RNIE). These include nodes of multi-sited Research Infraestructures (RIs) like the Microscopy Unit (part of the Portuguese Platform of BioImage - PPBI), the Mass Spectrometry Unit (integrated in the National Mass Spectometry Network - RNEM), the Next-Generation Sequencing Unit (part of Genome Portugal), and the High Throughput Screening Unit (part of PT-Openscreen), and the single-sited RI ViraVector.

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CNC-UC presents an array of services not only to the scientific community but also to all the society. These services provide state-of-the-art equipment and are executed by highly skilled professionals. CNC has 7 services, 3 of them certified by APCER, with more than 25 technologies and 75 different clients.

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