Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

The platform provides advances mass spectrometry approaches to resolve multiple life sciences related questions, ranging from targeted small molecule quantification, to intact protein analysis, and a major focus on large scale quantitative proteomics.

Quantitative proteomics
Small molecule quantification
Drug-metabolites identification and quantification
Post translational modifications
Intact protein analysis

Services / Technologies:

Proteomics Analysis
•Protein/Peptide Identification (Protein Pilot)
• Protein/Peptide Relative quantification by SWATH-MS (PeakView – SWATH quantitation tool)
• Post-translational modifications (Protein Pilot)
• Intact protein analysis
• Protein/Peptide quantification by MRM

Small molecules Analysis
• Untargeted analysis (Full scan and/or SWATH-MS) 
Small molecules identification and relative quantification (MarkerView, MasterView) - Drug metabolites identification (Metabolite Pilot)
• Targeted analysis
Absolute quantification of compounds (drugs, aminoacids, lipids, etc.) by MRM (Multiquant)

Statistical Analysis
• Univariate and Multivariate analysis can be provided

List of Available Equipment:
Triple TOF 5600 with an Eksigent nanoUltra LC
Triple TOF 6600 with an Eksigent 425 LC
4000 QTRAP with a Shimadzu Nexera

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