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We are committed to post-graduate multidisciplinary training at the University of Coimbra. Our education focuses on the fields of cellular and molecular biology, neuroscience and biotechnology. We are involved in several PhD and Master programmes, with a strong international component.

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Career Development

Career Development is most complementary to professional development (acquisition of skills, knowledge, etc.), and should be a continual activity.
The institute supports all facets of a researcher's career, including training, mentoring, career guidance and human resource management, following the EU Charter&Code principles that are implemented via a "HR Strategy for Researchers" procedure conducted under project DYNABrain.

Career Development Plan (CDP):

The institute encourages its early-stage researchers (PhD-students and entry-level post-doctoral researchers) to start considering their career goals early in their fellowships/contracts, to ensure they have sufficient time to acquire/develop the skills and experience needed to achieve those goals. Each researcher should thus have a personal CDP, whose purpose is to ensure that the researcher's work has a clear focus on achieving his/her research and professional goals.
To learn more about the career development process, we recommend the reading of the EURAXESS Career Handbook.


Mentoring is a hands-on tool for career development. The institute adopt a directive approach to mentoring, where the mentor/coach provides advice or direction to the student/researcher seeking it.
Dedicated mentoring of PhD-students is embedded in the doctoral programmes coordinated by our researchers.
For PhD-holders, the institute devised a Mentoring Programme that facilitates interactions between the researchers (Mentees) and experienced researchers/professionals (Mentors). The Mentors are PhD-holders with a tenure/ledership position and relevant experience in relevant field(s)/matters that volunteer to guide and advise the potential mentees. A mentor has no hierarchical relation with the mentee. You can learn more about this Mentoring Programme here.

Seminars and Lectures

CiBB organizes a series of regular seminars (webinars and in-person) delivered by internationally reputed invited/visiting speakers, which are open to the wider scientific community (intra- and extra-murus). In addition, several of the invited lectures integrated in the doctoral programmes and training courses are also open to wider audiences. These seminars and lectures allow for students and researchers to interact with the speakers, these interactions being actively fostered through initiatives like the "Lunch with the speaker".

Check the upcoming open seminars/lectures here.

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