Microscopy Imaging Center of Coimbra (MICC)

The Microscopy Imaging Center of Coimbra (MICC) is a centralized facility where users receive the support required to carry out conventional and advanced imaging techniques, based on Light Microscopy. The unit has combined resources to provide state-of-the-art equipment that is open to all researchers. We offer services to academic investigators or companies. The primary goal of the MICC is to improve the research and teaching environment for the CNC scientific community. To meet these goals, the MICC:

- Provides technical training to local users and visiting researchers;
- Offers consultation on experimental design and image analysis;
- Implements advances in hardware and software relevant for biomedical sciences;
- Provides ongoing education in advanced microscopy approaches by organizing training courses and workshops.

MICC is a node of the Portuguese Platform of BioImaging - PPBI, an infrastructure of National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance, which has recently become part of the ERIC - EuroBioImaging and it is a partner of the Zeiss labs@location community.

Microscopy, bio-imaging, image analysis, epifluorescence, confoca


Services / Technologies

MICC-CNC offers a wide range of different instruments for your research, from sample sectioning equipment to epifluorescence microscopy, high-speed confocal microscopy and laser catapulting microdissection, as well as other supporting equipment. The systems are prepared for advanced applications, including live cell imaging, and single-cell calcium measurement, enabling researchers to image dynamic events and molecular interactions. The P.A.L.M. laser microdissection microscope is a perfect tool for the isolation of the different cell population within a sample, allowing its full characterization.


How to access our resources:
Before you access MICC resources you must read and sign the microscope usage police. This contains simple rules that you should follow when using MICC equipment.

How to Book?
New users must schedule a hands-on training, with one of the MICC team member, before they can book any MICC equipment.
Go to the Agendo- Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology web page: https://cnc.agendoscience.com and follow the How to book instructions.

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