High-throughput/high-content screening platform

CNC implemented the first high-throughput/high-content screening platform in Portugal, equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to perform genome-wide loss- and gain-of-function screenings using siRNA/miRNA/CRISPR libraries, as well as screenings using large-scale libraries of chemical compounds. This fully automated platform was specifically designed to promote flexibility and can thus accommodate cell-based screenings using diversified cell models that address a wide range of biological questions. This unique platform is available to researchers within the CNC ecosystem, as well as to national and international collaborators. The screening platform is integrated in the PT - OPENSCREEN consortium, part of Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infrastructures, and aims at future participation in the European Research Infrastructure Consortium EU - OPENSCREEEN.

The platform is currently under evaluation to be recognized as a Partner Site (Specialised Screening site) of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium EU - OPENSCREEEN.

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