PDBEB Courses 2020/2021 - Synapse structure and function

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22/03/2021 - 30/11/-0001



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Ana Luísa Carvalho (; CNC & FCTUC, University of Coimbra
Carlos B. Duarte (; CNC & FCTUC, University of Coimbra
Paulo Pinheiro (; CNC, University of coimbra

Ana Luísa Cardoso, CNC, University of Coimbra
Ana Luísa Carvalho, CNC & FCTUC, University of Coimbra
Ângela Inácio, CNC, University of Coimbra
Carlos B. Duarte, CNC & FCTUC, University of Coimbra 
Dominique Fernandes, CNC, University of Coimbra
Ira Milosevic, University of Oxford, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, Nuffield Department of Medicine & CNC, University of Coimbra 
João Peça, CNC & FCTUC, University of Coimbra 
Miranda Mele, CNC, University of Coimbra
Paulo Pinheiro, CNC, University of Coimbra 
Ramiro D. Almeida, iBIMED, University of Aveiro & CNC, University of Coimbra 
Ricardo Rodrigues, CNC, University of Coimbra 
Rui O. Costa, CNC, University of Coimbra

Seminars by:
Christophe Mulle (IINS, University of Bordeaux)
Daniel Finely (Harvard Medical School)



March 22
9.00h-9.15h: Structure of the course; Introduction of students and lecturers
9.15h-10.30h: Neuronal migration: inter- and intracellular signaling. Ricardo Rodrigues
10.45h-11.45h: Establishment of neuronal polarity and axon pathfinding – Rui O. Costa
12.00h-13.30h: Electrophysiology: a primer (I) - João Peça
14.30h-15.45h: Electrophysiology: a primer (II) - Paulo Pinheiro

March 23
9.00h-10.00h: Molecular triggers of synapse formation and maturation – Ramiro D. Almeida 
10.15h-11.15h: Introduction to synapses: structure-function and molecular composition - Ana Luisa Carvalho 
11.30 -12.30h: Introduction to the presynapse - Paulo Pinheiro
14.00h-15.00h: Methods for studying presynaptic function – Paulo Pinheiro

March 24
9.00h-10.00h: Modes for synaptic vesicle formation, acidification and neurotransmitter filling – Ira Milosevic 
10.15h-11.15h: Synaptic vesicle maturation and exocytosis – Ira Milosevic
11.30 -12.15h: Postsynaptic excitatory receptor function - Ana Luisa Carvalho
12.30h-13.15h: Synaptic plasticity & molecular mechanisms -Ana Luísa Carvalho
14h: Seminar by Christophe Mulle (IINS, University of Bordeaux)
Presynaptic plasticity in hippocampal circuits

March 25
9.00h-10.00: Inhibitory synapse function and plasticity – Miranda Mele
10.15h-11.15h: Synaptic sculpting by microglia in health and disease – Ana Luisa Cardoso
11.30h-12.30h: Synaptic modulation by neurotrophins - Carlos B. Duarte

Lab talks:
13.30h-13.50h: Disrupted synaptic transmission and plasticity upon genetic or antibody-mediated disruption of Caspr2 – Dominique Fernandes
13.50h-14.20h: Synaptic alterations in an animal model of intellectual disability – Ângela Inácio

March 26
9.00h-?; Grant presentation and discussion
14h: Seminar by Daniel Finley (Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School) Global remodeling of the proteome during extreme terminal differentiation

Student Assignments:
Students (in groups) will prepare a grant proposal based on original papers that will be proposed to them. On March 26th, students will present and discuss their proposal. Throughout the course the students will meet with tutors to discuss the grant proposal. 

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