CIBB meeting 2023

Date & Time

December 20, 09:00-19:00h



We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming CIBB meeting, an event that promises to be a unique opportunity for scientific gathering and knowledge exchange. We are looking forward to seeing all of you there. The event is dedicated to the CIBB community. 

Date: December 20th, 2023

Time: 8.30AM-8.30PM

Location: Central Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, polo III

The meeting will feature discussions on several important topics and core CIBB research areas: Neuroscience, Metabolism and Innovative Therapies. The program will cover as well topics as Science Communication and Innovation/Technology Transfer. The program will also include showcase of high-quality ongoing research projects at CIBB.

The agenda for the day includes inspirational talks by renowned experts and interactive discussions on emerging topics:

- Luísa V. Lopes, IMM (Neuroscience and Disease);

- Joana Lobo Antunes, IST (Science Communication);

- Henrique Veiga-Fernandes, Champalimaud Foundation (innovative Therapies);

- Cláudio Franco, CBRC (Metabolism, Aging and Disease); 

- Rodrigo Santos, Novo Holdings (Inovation). 

The program also includes presentations of ongoing research at CIBB and networking opportunities. This event will not only provide valuable insights into the latest advances in your research areas but also offer the chance to interact with peers and establish connections that can enrich your scientific journeys.

We hope you'll join us in making this meeting a success and a rewarding experience. We look forward to your participation in making this event memorable. We eagerly anticipate a day of exploration, discovery, and collaboration.

The program is available below. The registration is now closed. 

All the information about the event is available here

The organizing committee of the CIBB meeting 2023

Cláudia Pereira, Irina Moreira, John Jones, Lino Ferreira, Luísa Cortes, Luís Ribeiro, Quan Zhang, Raquel Santiago, Sara Varela Amaral & Tânia Marques

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