Medical Cannabis Coimbra

Date & Time

March 09, 09:00-18:30h


Student Hub (auditorium 2) of the University of Coimbra




Tomorrow, the 9th, the conference “Medical Cannabis Coimbra - Clearing the smoke...: the importance of the endocannabinoid system in health and disease” begins. The scientific event will take place at the Auditorium II of the Student Hub of the University of Coimbra until Friday, March 10th.
The initiative, organized by the Center for Neuroscience and Cellular Biology of the University of Coimbra (CNC-UC) and promoted by a team led by researcher Attila Köfalvi, aims to discuss the use of medicinal cannabis in various medical conditions, such as in the control of chronic pain and in cancer, and the legal and regulatory implications of medical cannabis in Portugal. The meeting will bring together national and international experts to discuss the latest discoveries and developments in the field of endocannabinoids (signaling molecules produced by the human body) and medicinal cannabis, as well as current trends and challenges in the area.
The congress will feature several lectures by recognized experts in the field and will cover topics such as the botany of the cannabis plant, its effects on the body and the functioning of the endocannabinoid system – a system known for regulating a variety of physiological functions such as communication between cells of the brain, appetite, pain, inflammation, metabolism, memory, stress response, mood and sleep quality.
This scientific meeting is supported by the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), the Portuguese Society of Neurosciences (SPN) and the doctoral program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine at the University of Coimbra (PDBEB). It also has the support of the companies Iconeus and SMC+ and the news portal Canna Reporter.
More information here.
Carolina Caetano

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