Pedro R. Figueiredo

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Pedro R. Figueiredo has a Master in Medicinal Chemistry and a Bachelor in Chemistry, both by UMinho. He is currently a PhD student at the UCoimbra developing the project "Enzymatic Synthesis of Biodegradable Amphiphilic Polymer-drugs for Cancer Treatment" at the Rational Protein Engineering group in collaboration with CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials.


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Information about journal articles, updated at 15-05-2022, from platform CIÊNCIAVITAE.

An injectable, naproxen-conjugated, supramolecular hydrogel with ultra-low critical gelation concentration - prepared from a known folate receptor ligand

Carlos B. P. Oliveira; Sérgio R. S. Veloso; Pedro R. Figueiredo; Alexandra T. P. Carvalho; Loic Hilliou; Pereira, Renato B.; David M. Pereira; et al, Soft Matter. 2022. 10.1039/D2SM00121G . accepted Soft Matter

Human Carboxylesterase 2 in Cocaine Metabolism

Pedro R. Figueiredo; Ricardo D. González; Alexandra T. P. Carvalho, Molecular Catalysis. 2021. 10.1016/j.mcat.2021.111938 . published Molecular Catalysis

Introduction of a Glycine Linker Connecting the Heavy and Light Chains in Synthetic Cardosin B-Derived Rennet Changes the Specificity of Subpocket S3'

Pedro R. Figueiredo; Sónia F.G. Santos; Beatriz C. Almeida; Isaura Simões; Alexandra T.P. Carvalho, Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2021. 10.1021/acs.jpcb.1c01826 . published Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Transcription factor allosteric regulation through substrate coordination to zinc

Beatriz C. Almeida; Jennifer Kaczmarek; Pedro R. Figueiredo; Kristala L. Jones Prather; Alexandra T.P. Carvalho, NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics. 2021. 10.1093/nargab/lqab033 . published NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics

Enzymatic variants rationally designed for the synthesis of polymeric biomaterials

Beatriz C. Almeida; Pedro R. Figueiredo; Daniel F.A.R. Dourado; Stephanie Paul; Derek Quinn; Thomas S. Moody; Andreia F. Sousa; Armando J.D. Silvestre; Alexandra T. P. Carvalho, 2021. submitted

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