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A rapid and reliable alternative to ISO 21528-1:2004 for detection of Enterobacteriaceae

Joosten, Han; Marugg, John; Stephan, Roger; Klijn, Adrianne; Jackson, Tim; Iversen, Carol, International Journal of Food Microbiology. 344 - 346. 3. 125. 2008. . 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2008.04.003 . International Journal of Food Microbiology

The taxonomy of Enterobacter sakazakii: proposal of a new genus Cronobacter gen. nov. and descriptions of Cronobacter sakazakii comb. nov. Cronobacter sakazakii subsp. sakazakii, comb. nov., Cronobacter sakazakii subsp. malonaticus subsp. nov., Cronobacter turicensis sp. nov., Cronobacter muytjensii sp. nov., Cronobacter dublinensis sp. nov. and Cronobacter genomospecies 1

Iversen, Carol; Lehner, Angelika; Mullane, Niall; Bidlas, Eva; Cleenwerck, Ilse; Marugg, John; Fanning, Séamus; Stephan, Roger; Joosten, Han, BMC Evolutionary Biology. 1. 7. 2007. . 10.1186/1471-2148-7-64 . BMC Evolutionary Biology

Identification of "Cronobacter" spp. (Enterobacter sakazakii)

Iversen, C.; Lehner, A.; Mullane, N.; Marugg, J.; Fanning, S.; Stephan, R.; Joosten, H., Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 3814 - 3816. 11. 45. 2007. . 10.1128/jcm.01026-07 . Journal of Clinical Microbiology

A Simple and Rapid Cultural Method for Detection of Enterobacter sakazakii in Environmental Samples

GUILLAUME-GENTIL, O.; SONNARD, V.; KANDHAI, M. C.; MARUGG, J. D.; JOOSTEN, H., Journal of Food Protection. 64 - 69. 1. 68. 2005. . 10.4315/0362-028x-68.1.64 . Journal of Food Protection

Specialized Roles of the Two Pathways for the Synthesis of Mannosylglycerate in Osmoadaptation and Thermoadaptation of Rhodothermus marinus*

Borges, Nuno; Marugg, Joey D.; Empadinhas, Nuno; Costa, Milton S. da; Santos, Helena, Journal of Biological Chemistry. 9892 - 9898. 11. 279. 2004. . 10.1074/jbc.m312186200 . Journal of Biological Chemistry

Reverse Transcription-PCR Analysis of Bottled and Natural Mineral Waters for the Presence of Noroviruses

Lamothe, Gilbert Thierry; Putallaz, Thierry; Joosten, Han; Marugg, Joey D., Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 6541 - 6549. 11. 69. 2003. . 10.1128/aem.69.11.6541-6549.2003 . Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Osmotic Adaptation of Thermus thermophilus RQ-1: Lesson from a Mutant Deficient in Synthesis of Trehalose

Silva, Ze´lia; Alarico, Susana; Nobre, Ana; Horlacher, Reinhold; Marugg, Joey; Boos, Winfried; Mingote, Ana I.; da Costa, Milton S., Journal of Bacteriology. 5943 - 5952. 20. 185. 2003. . 10.1128/jb.185.20.5943-5952.2003 . Journal of Bacteriology

Comparison of media for enumeration of Clostridium perfringens from foods

de Jong, A.E.I.; Eijhusen, G.P.; Brouwer-Post, E.J.F.; Grand, M.; Johansson, T.; Kärkkäinen, T.; Marugg, J.; et al, Journal of Microbiological Methods. 359 - 366. 3. 54. 2003. . 10.1016/s0167-7012(03)00069-1 . Journal of Microbiological Methods

Genetic Heterogeneity in Bacillus sporothermodurans as Demonstrated by Ribotyping and Repetitive Extragenic Palindromic-PCR Fingerprinting

Guillaume-Gentil, Olivier; Scheldeman, Patsy; Marugg, Joey; Herman, Lieve; Joosten, Han; Heyndrickx, Marc, Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 4216 - 4224. 9. 68. 2002. . 10.1128/aem.68.9.4216-4224.2002 . Applied and Environmental Microbiology

A Siderophore Peptide Synthetase Gene from Plant-growth-promoting Pseudomonas putida WCS358

Devescovi, Giulia; Aguilar, Claudio; Majolini, Maria B.; Marugg, Joey; Weisbeek, Peter; Venturi, Vittorio, Systematic and Applied Microbiology. 321 - 330. 3. 24. 2001. . 10.1078/0723-2020-00063 . Systematic and Applied Microbiology

Pathway for the Synthesis of Mannosylglycerate in the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii

Empadinhas, Nuno; Marugg, Joey D.; Borges, Nuno; Santos, Helena; da Costa, Milton S., Journal of Biological Chemistry. 43580 - 43588. 47. 276. 2001. . 10.1074/jbc.m108054200 . Journal of Biological Chemistry

Molecular and Functional Analyses of themetC Gene of Lactococcus lactis, Encoding Cystathionine ß-Lyase

Ferna´ndez, Mari´a; van Doesburg, Wim; Rutten, Ger A. M.; Marugg, Joey D.; Alting, Arno C.; van Kranenburg, Richard; Kuipers, Oscar P., Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 42 - 48. 1. 66. 2000. . 10.1128/aem.66.1.42-48.2000 . Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Biosynthesis of Mannosylglycerate in the Thermophilic Bacterium Rhodothermus marinus

Martins, Li´gia O.; Empadinhas, Nuno; Marugg, Joey D.; Miguel, Carla; Ferreira, Célia; da Costa, Milton S.; Santos, Helena, Journal of Biological Chemistry. 35407 - 35414. 50. 274. 1999. . 10.1074/jbc.274.50.35407 . Journal of Biological Chemistry

Characterization of the Divergent sacBKand sacAR Operons, Involved in Sucrose Utilization byLactococcus lactis

Luesink, Evert J.; Marugg, Joey D.; Kuipers, Oscar P.; de Vos, Willem M., Journal of Bacteriology. 1924 - 1926. 6. 181. 1999. . 10.1128/jb.181.6.1924-1926.1999 . Journal of Bacteriology

Exopolysaccharide Biosynthesis in Lactococcus lactis NIZO B40: Functional Analysis of the Glycosyltransferase Genes Involved in Synthesis of the Polysaccharide Backbone

van Kranenburg, Richard; van Swam, Iris I.; Marugg, Joey D.; Kleerebezem, Michiel; de Vos, Willem M., Journal of Bacteriology. 338 - 340. 1. 181. 1999. . 10.1128/jb.181.1.338-340.1999 . Journal of Bacteriology

Molecular characterization of the plasmid-encoded eps gene cluster essential for exopolysaccharide biosynthesis in Lactococcus lactis

Kranenburg, Richard van; Marugg, Joey D.; Van Swam, Iris I.; Willem, Norwin J.; De Vos, Willem M., Molecular Microbiology. 387 - 397. 2. 24. 1997. . 10.1046/j.1365-2958.1997.3521720.x . Molecular Microbiology

Identical transcriptional control of the divergently transcribed prtP and prtM genes that are required for proteinase production in lactococcus lactis SK11.

Marugg, J D; van Kranenburg, R; Laverman, P; Rutten, G A; de Vos, W M, Journal of bacteriology. 1525 - 1531. 6. 178. 1996. . 10.1128/jb.178.6.1525-1531.1996 . Journal of bacteriology

Regulation of Proteolytic Enzyme Activity in Lactococcus lactis.

Meijer, W; Marugg, J D; Hugenholtz, J, Applied and environmental microbiology. 156 - 161. 1. 62. 1996. . 10.1128/aem.62.1.156-161.1996 . Applied and environmental microbiology

Purification and characterization of enterocin 4, a bacteriocin produced by Enterococcus faecalis INIA 4.

Joosten, H M; Nunez, M; Devreese, B; Van Beeumen, J; Marugg, J D, Applied and environmental microbiology. 4220 - 4223. 11. 62. 1996. . 10.1128/aem.62.11.4220-4223.1996 . Applied and environmental microbiology

Functional analysis of the pediocin operon of Pediococcus acidilactici PAC1.0: PedB is the immunity protein and PedD is the precursor processing enzyme

Venema, Koen; Kok, Jan; Marugg, Joey D.; Toonen, Marjolein Y.; Ledeboer, Aat M.; Venema, Gerard; Chikindas, Michael L., Molecular Microbiology. 515 - 522. 3. 17. 1995. . 10.1111/j.1365-2958.1995.mmi_17030515.x . Molecular Microbiology

Medium-dependent regulation of proteinase gene expression in Lactococcus lactis: control of transcription initiation by specific dipeptides.

Marugg, J D; Meijer, W; van Kranenburg, R; Laverman, P; Bruinenberg, P G; de Vos, W M, Journal of bacteriology. 2982 - 2989. 11. 177. 1995. . 10.1128/jb.177.11.2982-2989.1995 . Journal of bacteriology

Identification and characterization of the alpha-acetolactate synthase gene from Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis biovar diacetylactis.

Marugg, J D; Goelling, D; Stahl, U; Ledeboer, A M; Toonen, M Y; Verhue, W M; Verrips, C T, Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 1390 - 1394. 4. 60. 1994. . 10.1128/aem.60.4.1390-1394.1994 . Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Construction of a reshaped HMFG1 antibody and comparison of its fine specificity with that of the parent mouse antibody.

M E Verhoeyen 1, Immunology. 1993. . Immunology

Cloning, expression, and nucleotide sequence of genes involved in production of pediocin PA-1, and bacteriocin from Pediococcus acidilactici PAC1.0.

Marugg, J D; Gonzalez, C F; Kunka, B S; Ledeboer, A M; Pucci, M J; Toonen, M Y; Walker, S A; Zoetmulder, L C; Vandenbergh, P A, Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2360 - 2367. 8. 58. 1992. . 10.1128/aem.58.8.2360-2367.1992 . Applied and Environmental Microbiology

The ferric-pseudobactin receptor PupA of Pseudomonas putida WCS358: homology to TonB-dependent Escherichia coli receptors and specificity of the protein

Bitter, W.; Marugg, J. D.; Weger, L. A.; Tommassen, J.; Weisbeek, P. J., Molecular Microbiology. 647 - 655. 3. 5. 1991. . 10.1111/j.1365-2958.1991.tb00736.x . Molecular Microbiology

Cloning and characterization of a gene encoding an outer membrane protein required for siderophore-mediated uptake of Fe3+ in Pseudomonas putida WCS358.

Marugg, J D; de Weger, L A; Nielander, H B; Oorthuizen, M; Recourt, K; Lugtenberg, B; van der Hofstad, G A; Weisbeek, P J, Journal of Bacteriology. 2819 - 2826. 5. 171. 1989. . 10.1128/jb.171.5.2819-2826.1989 . Journal of Bacteriology

Genetic organization and transcriptional analysis of a major gene cluster involved in siderophore biosynthesis in Pseudomonas putida WCS358.

Marugg, J D; Nielander, H B; Horrevoets, A J; van Megen, I; van Genderen, I; Weisbeek, P J, Journal of Bacteriology. 1812 - 1819. 4. 170. 1988. . 10.1128/jb.170.4.1812-1819.1988 . Journal of Bacteriology

Bioassay for studying the role of siderophores in potato growth stimulation by Pseudomonas SPP in short potato rotations

Bakker, Peter A.H.M.; Bakker, Albert W.; Marugg, Joey D.; Weisbeek, Peter J.; Schippers, Bob, Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 443 - 449. 4. 19. 1987. . 10.1016/0038-0717(87)90036-8 . Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Isolation and analysis of genes involved in siderophore biosynthesis in plant-growth-stimulating Pseudomonas putida WCS358.

Marugg, J D; van Spanje, M; Hoekstra, W P; Schippers, B; Weisbeek, P J, Journal of Bacteriology. 563 - 570. 2. 164. 1985. . 10.1128/jb.164.2.563-570.1985 . Journal of Bacteriology

Nitrogen control in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: mutants affected in the synthesis of glutamine synthetase, urease, and NADP-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase.

Janssen, D B; Habets, W J; Marugg, J. D.; Van Der Drift, C, Journal of Bacteriology. 22 - 28. 1. 151. 1982. . 10.1128/jb.151.1.22-28.1982 . Journal of Bacteriology

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