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Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Endothelial Progenitor Cells: Unraveling Insights from Vascular Endothelial Cells

Kulovic-Sissawo, Azra; Tocantins, Carolina; Diniz, Mariana S.; Weiss, Elisa; Steiner, Andreas; Tokic, Silvija; Madreiter-Sokolowski, Corina T.; Pereira, Susana P.; Hiden, Ursula, Biology. 2. 13. 2024. . 10.3390/biology13020070 . Biology

Maternal hepatic adaptations during obese pregnancy encompass lobe-specific mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress

Grilo, Luís F.; Martins, João D.; Diniz, Mariana S.; Tocantins, Carolina; Cavallaro, Chiara H.; Baldeiras, Inês; Cunha-Oliveira, Teresa; et al, Clinical Science. 1347 - 1372. 17. 137. 2023. . 10.1042/cs20230048 . Clinical Science

Characterizing Early Cardiac Metabolic Programming via 30% Maternal Nutrient Reduction during Fetal Development in a Non-Human Primate Model

Pereira, Susana P.; Diniz, Mariana S.; Tavares, Ludgero C.; Cunha-Oliveira, Teresa; Li, Cun; Cox, Laura A.; Nijland, Mark J.; Nathanielsz, Peter W.; Oliveira, Paulo J., International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 20. 24. 2023. . 10.3390/ijms242015192 . International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Nurturing through Nutrition: Exploring the Role of Antioxidants in Maternal Diet during Pregnancy to Mitigate Developmental Programming of Chronic Diseases

Diniz, Mariana S.; Magalhães, Carina C.; Tocantins, Carolina; Grilo, Luís F.; Teixeira, José; Pereira, Susana P., Nutrients. 21. 15. 2023. . 10.3390/nu15214623 . Nutrients

Metabolic mitochondrial alterations prevail in the female rat heart 8 weeks after exercise cessation

Carolina Tocantins; João D. Martins; Óscar M. Rodrigues; Luís F. Grilo; Mariana S. Diniz; Jelena Stevanovic-Silva; Jorge Beleza; et al, European Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2023. . 10.1111/eci.14069 . European Journal of Clinical Investigation

Fetoplacental endothelial dysfunction in gestational diabetes mellitus and maternal obesity: A potential threat for programming cardiovascular disease

Mariana S. Diniz; Ursula Hiden; Inês Falcão-Pires; Paulo J. Oliveira; Luis Sobrevia; Susana P. Pereira, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease. 2023. . 10.1016/j.bbadis.2023.166834 . Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease

Made in the Womb: Maternal Programming of Offspring Cardiovascular Function by an Obesogenic Womb

Mariana S. Diniz; Luís F. Grilo; Carolina Tocantins; Inês Falcão-Pires; Susana P. Pereira, Metabolites. 2023. . 10.3390/metabo13070845 . Metabolites

Higher gestational weight gain delays wound healing and reduces expression of long non-coding RNA KLRK1-AS1 in neonatal endothelial progenitor cells

Elisa Weiss; Anna Schrüfer; Carolina Tocantins; Mariana Simoes Diniz; Boris Novakovic; Anke S. van Bergen; Azra Kulovic-Sissawo; et al, The Journal of Physiology. 2023. . 10.1113/JP284871 . The Journal of Physiology

The Bitter Side of Sugar Consumption: A Mitochondrial Perspective on Diabetes Development

Diniz, Mariana S.; Tocantins, Carolina; Grilo, Luís F.; Pereira, Susana P., Diabetology. 583 - 595. 4. 3. 2022. . 10.3390/diabetology3040044 . Diabetology

The Endocrine Metabolic Axis Regulation in Offspring Exposed to Maternal Obesity: Cause or Consequence in Metabolic Disease Programming?

Luís F. Grilo, Obesities. 236 - 255. 3. 2. 2022. . 10.3390/obesities2030019 . Obesities

The birth of cardiac disease: Mechanisms linking gestational diabetes mellitus and early onset of cardiovascular disease in offspring

Carolina Tocantins; Mariana S. Diniz; Luís F. Grilo; Susana P. Pereira, WIREs Mechanisms of Disease. 2022. . 10.1002/wsbm.1555 . WIREs Mechanisms of Disease

Metabolic Disease Programming: From Mitochondria to Epigenetics, Glucocorticoid Signalling and Beyond

Grilo, Luís F.; Tocantins, Carolina; Diniz, Mariana S.; Gomes, Rodrigo Mello; Oliveira, Paulo J.; Matafome, Paulo; Pereira, Susana P., European Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2021. . 10.1111/eci.13625 . European Journal of Clinical Investigation

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'BraveHEART: Improvig Nature by Addressing Bioactive Dietary Polyphenols to Mitochondria for the Protection of Cardiac Complications in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease'


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