Analysis of biomarkers, bioenergy and psychological evaluation of well-being in intervention of Clown Doctors in hospitalar environment


Project Summary

This project has as a main objective to evaluate the levels of biomarkers of wellness (e.g. oxytocin and cortisol) and bioenergy (e.g. ATP), in consequence of the processes of social connection promoted by the intervention of Clown Doctors (Palhaços d'Opital) in hospital environments. After motivational intervention, it is expected an improvement in well-being and comfort of patients, demonstrating the positive impact of Palhaços d'Opital, contributing for the scientific recognition of this intervention.

Main Goals

To scientifically demonstrate the positive impact of interventions by Clown Doctors

CNC Team

External Team

Isabel Rosado (President of Association Palhaços d’Opital)
Jorge Rosado (Artistic director of Associação Palhaços d’Opital)
Sara Filipa Póvoa, MD (oncologist of Serviço de Oncologia Médica)
Diana Marisa Agante, Enf (nurse of Hospital de Dia do Serviço de Oncologia Médica)
Albertina Oliveira, PhD
Maria do Rosário Pinheiro, PhD
Maria Manuela Vilar, PhD

Project Details

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Start Date


End Date


Total Cost


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