FOIE GRAS - Bioenergetic Remodeling in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


Project Summary

Despite over 30 years of major progress in the knowledge and management of liver disease, approximately 29 million people in the European Union currently suffer from a chronic liver condition, with cirrhosis and primary liver cancer representing the end-stage of liver pathology. The overall aims of FOIE GRAS are 1) to identify mechanisms and consequences of metabolic remodeling secondary to mitochondrial alterations during NAFLD, 2) to explore how the gut-liver axis is disrupted in NAFLD and how that impacts hepatic metabolism and 3) to identify related circulating biomarkers that will underpin better diagnostic tests for NAFLD and allow designing interventions that alleviate NAFLD through hepatic or gut metabolic remodelling. This training network intends to exploit complementary expertise of different partners across the EU in order to train future leaders in Europe in this important research topic, as well as creating value, employment and new societal behaviours in the EU. The FOIE GRAS programme aims to develop 13 integrated Ph.D. research projects to investigate internal and external mediators of metabolic remodelling, including modified gut-liver crosstalk in the development of NAFLD. FOIE GRAS will intersect basic and translational research, clinical implementation, technology development and transfer, and social outreach, under a common and focused strategy.

Main Goals

• Investigate how internal and external mediators underlying metabolic dysfunction, including hepatic bioenergetic remodelling and modified gut-liver crosstalk, influence NAFLD progression, to ascertain novel biomarkers and therapeutic /lifestyle targets and to develop and implement science in society initiatives addressing NAFLD awareness.

• Train a new generation of researchers, clinicians biotech entrepreneurs, and science communicators, with an novel attitude and full understanding of the requests of academia, clinical practice, technological companies, and the societal challenges.

External Team

Institute of Physiology of the CAS
University of Bari Aldo Moro
Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Lisboa
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
University of Porto
French National Institute of Health and Medical Research
National Research Council
German Research Center for Environmental Health
Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona

Project Details

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Grant agreement ID: 722619

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