Metabolism, Aging and Disease

Obesity, Diabetes and Complications

Diabetes and complications

Insulin resistance

Adipocyte physiology

Nutraceuticals and health, Mitochondrial respiration, Biomarkers, Health literacy

Research lines

Metabolism across the lifespan (Adipose)

Wound healing and tissue regeneration in diabetes (Skin)

Oxidative capacity of circulating cells over the lifespan

Nutraceuticals and insulin resistance

Health literacy


The Obesity, Diabetes and Complications research team, headed by Dr. Eugenia Carvalho, has been studying the role of adipose tissue (AT) as an endocrine and inflammatory organ. AT is highly involved in insulin resistance and diabetes complications development. Her team is using in vitro systems, preclinical models as well as, clinical studies to understand states of AT dysfunction across the lifespan. They are studying the impact of AT immunometabolism on systemic deleterious metabolic effects in people with different degrees of insulin resistance. Her team is evaluating the differences between the various AT depots, and their respective mitochondrial activities. In addition, she believes the oxidative capacity of cells/tissues could be useful markers of disease, before any symptoms of disease arise, and therefore much before diagnosis. She has been evaluating mitochondrial function in circulating cells in adults and in children with obesity. The main goal is to understand early alterations in immune metabolism and how this relates with metabolic disturbances across the lifespan. Furthermore, Dr. Carvalho believes that environmental factors, such as, lack of specific nutrients, pharmacological drugs and lifestyle strongly influence mitochondrial and immune metabolic health, as well as the specific fat cell phenotype. Therefore, understanding the impact of nutraceuticals to improve metabolic health is goal.

Her team has also been evaluating tissue regeneration and wound healing in the context of insulin resistance and diabetes, with the goal of enhancing early diagnosis of subjects at risk for chronic complications in order to improve the personalized treatment of subjects with foot wounds. They have been assessing the role of microRNAs and antimicrobial peptides in wound healing and infection, in preclinical animal models and in the clinical setting in subjects with diabetes.


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Reply to Katlandur, Ozbek, and Keser.

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