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Sleep is essential for our health and well being. It is a natural and basic function, which is evolution over the various periods of life. However, the importance of sleep has always been and continues to be greatly undervalued. Sleep disturbances contribute to the appearance of many diseases, such as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA).

The use of artistic languages ​​to explore scientific themes has proved to be an effective and very successful science communication approach. Theater, in particular, has the ability to arouse emotions and encourage the creation of opinions in relation to several themes, specifically scientific. In this project, we propose several scientific domains (health sciences, economics, sports, psychology, bioinformatics) and theater in order to make a population aware of good sleep habits. We therefore propose to present a scientific-theatrical performance, using simultaneously and collaboratively artistic and scientific languages, which explores the theme of sleep and associated pathologies such as sleep apnea, starting from previous joint projects between the CNC and the Marionet theater company.

Science-theater performance presented under the University of Coimbra 730 years commemorations, supported by Promotion of Scientific Culture call. 

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External Team

Mário Montenegro - Marionet, FLUC, CEIS20

Francisca Moreira - Marionet 


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