PDBEB Courses 2020/2021 - Advanced Therapies

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19/04/2021 - 23/04/2021


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April 19 - 23, 2021

Location: Online

Luís Pereira de Almeida, Lino Ferreira & Rita Perfeito


Monday (April 19th)
9:00-10:00 – “Mechanomodulation of stem and progenitor cells”
Mario Grãos (CNC)

10:00-11:00- “Reprogramming cells for medicine”
Ricardo Neves (CNC)

11:00-11:15- Coffee break

11:15-12:15- “Biomolecular engineering for regenerative medicine”
Hugo Fernandes (Univ. Coimbra)

12:15- 14:00- Lunch

14:00- 15:00 “Biomaterials to regulate cell activity”
Lino Ferreira (CNC and Univ. Coimbra)

15:00- 16:00 “Engineered nanomaterials for fighting bacteria and healing wounds”
Akhilesh Rai (CNC and Univ. Coimbra)

16:00- 16:15- Coffee break

16:15- 17:15 “Biomaterial-based cell therapies for the revascularization of ischemic tissues”
Cristina Barrias (Univ. Porto)

Tuesday (April 20th)
9:00- 10:00- “Pluripotent stem cells: biology and applications”
Lino Ferreira (CNC and Univ. Coimbra)

10:00- 11:00- “Engineering specialised heart muscle cells for disease modelling and pharma-use using human pluripotent stem cells”
Andreia Bernardo (Crick Institute)

11:00- 11:15- Coffee break

11:15- 12:15- “Use of pluripotent stem cells for drug discovery applications”
Xavier Nissan (I-STEM, Paris)

12:15- 14:00- Lunch

14:00- 15:00- “Stem cell based therapies in retinal disease: a preclinical roadmap”
Alexandra Capela 

15:00- 16:00- “MicroRNA therapy: from basic science to clinical reality”
Paula Costa Martins (Univ. Maastricht)

Wednesday (April 21st)
9:00- 10:00- “Molecular therapies for brain disorders”
Luís Pereira de Almeida (CNC)

10:00- 10:45- "Thinking small: miRNA-mediated gene silencing and miRNA-based therapeutic approaches"
Sónia Duarte (CNC)

10:45- 11:15- "miRNA dysregulation in Machado-Joseph Disease" 
Diana Santos (CNC)

11:15- 11:30- Coffee Break

11:30- 12:15- “Intravenous delivery of the brain-targeting AAV-PHPeB encoding CYP46A1 to overcome brain cholesterol deregulation in neurodegenerative disorders – focusing on Machado Joseph disease”
Rita Perfeito (CNC)

12:15- 14:00- Lunch

14:00- 14:45- “Stem cell transplantation for brain regeneration and neuroprotection”
Liliana Mendonça (CNC)

14:45- 15.30- “iPSC-derived neuroepithelial stem cells depleted for mutant ataxin-3 for Machado-Joseph disease treatment”
Sandra Braz (CNC)

15:30- 15:45- Coffee Break

15:45- 16.30- “Therapies based on gene editing: Potentialities and limitations”
Sara Lopes (CNC)

16:30- 17:15- "Genome editing 2.0: CRISPR-base editors"
Pedro Perdigão (CNC)

Thursday (April 22nd)
09:00- 09.45- “Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Brain Disorders - the Particular Case of Machado-Joseph Disease”
Catarina Miranda (CNC)

09:45- 10:30- "Proteolysis as a target in neurodegenerative disorders and the particular case of Machado-Joseph Disease"
Dina Pereira (CNC)

10:30- 10:45- Coffee Break 

10:45- 11:30- “Addressing the cancer patients’ needs with nanomedicine-based strategies”
João Nuno Moreira (CNC)

11:30- 12:15- “Differential effect of F3 peptide-targeted liposomes containing doxorubicin and C6-ceramide and non-targeted drug combinations against nucleolin-overexpressing cancer cell lines"
Ana Filipa Cruz (CNC)

12:15- 14:00- Lunch

14:00- 14:45- “Viral vectors for Gene therapy: from the lab to the clinic"
Rui Nobre (CNC, Vira-Vector UC) 

14:45- 15:30- “Extracellular vesicles as a therapeutic approach for CNS disorders”
Patrícia Albuquerque (CNC)

15:30- 15.45- Coffee Break

15:45- 16:30- “Shedding Light on Chitosan-based Nanoparticles as Intranasal Vaccine Adjuvant”
Olga Borges (CNC)

16:30- 17:15- "Biomarkers in drug development"
Magda Santana (CNC)

Friday (April 23rd)
09.00- 12:30- Assignments- Presentation of papers

12:30- 14:00- Lunch

15:30- Seminar : “Overcoming barriers for brain gene therapy”
Prof. Beverly L. Davidson, PhD (Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA)


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