PDBEB Courses 2022/2023 - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Organized by

Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Date & Time

02/01/2023 - 13/01/2023


CNC, Polo I, FMUC building - Auditorium 2º F & UC-Biotech, Cantanhede, Euclides Pires Auditorium



Deadline : 23/12/2022



- Introduction to artificial intelligence/machine learning key concepts and applications in genomics and proteomics.

-  The importance of structural biology in the development of new drugs.

- Hands on application of machine learning to a well known biological problem.

- Hands on session on vizualization and modeling of proteins.

- Basic knowledge of bacterial genetics and genomics.

- Introduction and applications of OMICs data to Microbiology.

- Overview of the main Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms for acquisition of genomic data.

- Hand-on on acquisition of NGS raw reads, raw reads evaluation and cleaning, species identification, de novo assembly and quality control, genome annotation, and resistome and virulome analysis.

- Familiarization with key concepts of Molecular Systems Biology.

- Hands-on familiarization with kinetic modeling and systems analysis of biochemical processes, including:

        o   understanding fundamental concepts of chemical kinetics,

        o   Drawing rigorous graphical representations of biochemical processes

        o   Setting up mathematical models based on ordinary differential equations

        o   Implementing the models in a widely available software application

        o   Running simulations

        o   Applying systems analysis methods such as stability and sensitivity analysis to explore and understand the properties and design principles of prevalent regulatory motifs in biochemical networks

- Familiarization with recent advances in the mathematical modeling of biochemical systems in biomedical and biotechnological settings.


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