Project Summary

BiotehSTARS is a regional project that aims to improve the biotech business sector of the Centre region of Portugal. This project promotes bio entrepreneurship through ideation, mentorship, and training programs for researchers and other stakeholders with a focus on four main areas of biotechnology: health, industrial, marine, and agricultural. Centro2020 funds this project in the scope of the Entrepreneurship Spirit Promotion.

Main Goals

Stimulate and support the generation and development of new ideas with entrepreneurial potential;

Train in entrepreneurship and innovation focused on the specification of the biotechnology sector; 

Promote collaboration and networking between biotech enterprises, researchers, and bio entrepreneurs;

Support and stimulate/encourage investment in the creation of new enterprises in the biotechnology sector;

Train younger people on the topics of bio entrepreneurship and innovation;

Raise awareness in society for entrepreneurship in biotechnology.

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External Team

Biocant – Associação de Transferência de Tecnologia

Joana Branco

Lara Correia

Diana Silva

Alexandre Estevam


IATV - Instituto do Ambiente, Tecnologia e Vida 

Nuno Gomes



Project Details

Project Code

BiotechSTARS - Centro-04-3560-FSE-072507



Start Date


End Date


Total Cost

475 096,42 €

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