Regenerative medicine

Wound healing

Antimicrobial materials

Brain targeting


Akhilesh Rai


Research lines

Bioactive nanomaterials for treatment of infected wounds

Medical device coating

Brain targeting using light-responsive nanomaterials


The mission of Nanotherapeutic group is to design novel and smart nanoformulations for regenerative medicine applications. Our research focuses on bacterial infections and brain diseases, which have enormous socioeconomic consequences. Our group applies nanotechnology-based principles to advance the knowledge of interactions of nanoformulations with biological barriers and bacterial membranes. Our research revolves at the interface of nanotechnology, antimicrobial materials and translational medicine. 

We are interested to develop nanoformulations coated with bioactive peptides and antimicrobial peptides in order to magnify their biological activities in clinical settings. Moreover, we are interested to do coatings of antimicrobial peptide-conjugated nanoformulations on medical devices and implants to facilitate their multifunctional properties. Overall, we aim to translate nanoformulations from lab to clinics to have an eloquent impact on human health.  


The objectives of Nanotherapeutic group are (1) the development of nanoformulations to eradicate bacterial infections and to promote diabetic wound healing

(2) Brain targeting using light-responsive nanoformulations

(3) Smart and multifunctional coatings on medical devices and implants



Good practices in Health Aging in Center Region by CCDRC


FCT Investigator award

Bluepharma innovation award

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