PHD Programme in

Experimental Biology and Biomedicine


PDBEB is a new concept for interdisciplinary graduate training in Biomedicine. The program aims to train highly skilled professionals that will be internationally competitive in a wide range of fields, ranging from fundamental research to the development of novel therapeutic and diagnostic tools, development of novel pre-clinical models, technology transfer and innovation, and science management and communication. PDBEB is unique in its interdisciplinarity and in its cross-fertilization of knowledge in multiple areas, creating a new generation of Ph.Ds. The DNA of the program is well imprinted in the fact that PDBEB alumni are successfully spread through multiple national and international academic and non-academic institutions, having top roles in each. Former and present PDBEB students have published in top journals such as Brain Research, Nature Communications, Development, Blood, PNAS, Nature, Cell, Cell Metabolism, Nature Cell Biology, Neuron, or Nature Cell Biology. PDBEB includes advanced courses in top research areas, taught by foreign scientists in collaboration with local investigators, laboratory rotations and research work to be carried out within national and international networks organized by CNC. 

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