PHD Programme in

Experimental Biology and Biomedicine


The IIIUC promotes interdisciplinary research and advanced training, promoting the fertile crossing between areas of knowledge and the aggregation of teams, in order to ensure the capacity for international affirmation of the UC's scientific research, and collaborates in the implementation of the UC's strategic decisions on R&D matters. The IIIUC has the main objectives:

  • Promote, stimulate, support, frame, coordinate, manage and disseminate scientific interdisciplinary research activities; 
  • Independently or in collaboration with the Colleges, organize and manage Courses and Programs of Third Cycle based on research interdisciplinary activities; 
  • Develop the internationalization of interdisciplinary science carried out in the UC; 
  • Promote discussion and critical reflection on scientific activity, as well as the dissemination of science performed in the UC and science to the general public; 
  • Stimulate forms of organization of scientific activity that give an appropriate scale to research teams; 
  • Contribute to the rationalization of resources available in the UC for scientific activity. 

CNC is a scientific institute that fosters high-level biomedical and biotechnology research with societal impact, promotes multidisciplinary graduate training and provides specialized services to healthcare institutions and the entrepreneurial community. CNC is committed to fundamental research and to translating it into clinical and/or marketable applications. CNC is strongly committed with the training the new generation of researchers in emerging areas of contemporary biomedicine through Doctoral Programme in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine and promoting advanced courses in several relevant areas for students.

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