PHD Programme in

Experimental Biology and Biomedicine


PDBEB Courses 2022/2023 - ONE HEALTH: A Metabolic Approach from the Cell to Society

Organized by

Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Date & Time

03/04/2023 - 14/04/2023


Polo I - Auditorium 2ºfloor (1st week) & UC-Biotech (2nd week)



Deadline : 25/03/2023




How does cell metabolism reacts to lifestyle cues? How diet and physical activity modulate cell metabolism, especially energy metabolism? How our exposome remodels our metabolism and how does that contribute to health and disease? Can we prime our future health or disease while in uterus? How does the metabolism and biomedical research may contribute to measure / quantify / predict the influences of environmental exposure on human health and disease? These questions and others will be answered during this course, which will also tech the students fundamental practical skills to measure cell metabolism in vitro. A crosstalk of different views, from cell and molecular biology, nutrition, and endocrinology to humanities and social sciences will contribute for a holistic view of what determines our ONE HEALTH.


Available here.

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